De Jonckheere
Old master paintings

10 monochromes

Within the framework of the Art en Vieille Ville autumn preview, De Jonckheere Gallery is presenting a personal exhibition of the Monegasque artist Philippe Pastor.

'10 Monochromes' highlights a significant series of his work. Born in Monaco in 1961, Philippe Pastor has dedicated his entire body of work to nature and environmental issues, emphasising mankind's responsibility in today's ecological disasters. Even though his works have been presented twice at the Venice Biennale, Philippe Pastor works discretely and alone in the middle of nature, which he contemplates, respects and reveals to us.

In line with the series 'Le Ciel Regarde la Terre' and 'Les Quatre Saisons', using pigments and natural materials that have been shaped by time, Philippe Pastor intensifies his approach with the "Monochromes" series.

"Bleu Monochrome" pays tribute to the sea, an ecological reflection on pollution and the disappearance of the seabed. Pastor works the surface of his sometimes monumental paintings with natural intense blue pigments, creating marine topographies covered in subtle cracks. A reference to drought, seen from the sky, or the earth's crust, these paintings assume a geological dimension. His use of a powerfully intense, natural blue pigment also invites us to explore an emotional aspect. Blue, the artist's favourite colour, is "a hymn to emotion and peace". This use of monochrome canvases can also be found in the 'North Pole' series. The cracked canvases in various shades of white, are true polar maps of spaces that are disappearing because of climate change. A monochrome experience committed to the environment.

PHILIPPE PASTOR (Monaco 1961 - )
Bleu Monochrome, 2014
Mixed medias
152 x 102 cm