Fabrice Schafer
8, place du Grand-Mézel
1204 Geneva

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Tue-Fri 2pm-6.40pm
or by appointment

Galerie TACTILe

contemporary jewels

Since 1998, the Galerie TACTILe has been dedicated to Swiss and European contemporary art jewelry, or creations that represent a quest for aesthetics and refined craftsmanship, beyond industrial forms.

The gallery presents unique jewelry pieces created by internationally renowned contemporary artists, some of which have granted Galerie TACTILe exclusive rights for Switzerland. Their works place metallurgical techniques at the forefront, including enameling, gold- and silver-smithery, as well as other traditional jewelry techniques.

The avant-garde artists revisit and sometimes reinvent these forms of craftsmanship, evolving the art form in order to sustain it over time. Works by these jewelry designers are included in numerous public and private collections.

Dix doigts

11.02 — 12.22.2017