De Jonckheere
Old master paintings

Flemish painting of the 17th century

Established in Geneva’s Old Town six years ago, and soon to open a new space in Monaco, the gallery will be celebrating this spring’s 'Art en Vieille Ville’ event through a new selection of old paintings.

“Flemish painting of the 17th century” is a chance to journey through the different genres in fashion in the Southern Netherlands. Herri Met de Bles, a painter of animated panoramic landscapes and religious, mythological and popular scenes, was part of the Flemish pictorial tradition of Joachim Patenier, his uncle. The realistic yet imaginary sites are a continuation of the latter’s work, especially his rendering of rocky mountains in fantasy configurations. The master also drew inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci, who recommended allowing objects in the distance to disappear into a light mist in order to emphasise the effects of air and to enhance perspective. During his time in Italy, he was given the pseudonym ‘Civetta’, owing to the owl he pictured in many of his paintings. A highly prolific painter of landscapes, Herri Met de Bles left us a great many remarkable paintings. This Panoramic landscape with Flight to Egypt is no exception to the rule.