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Photographies de Marion Dubier-Clark

The photography of Marion Dubier-Clark represent a state of mind, a state of mind that illustrates perfectly the philosophy of Alain; positive, accessible and for whom to be alive is to be happy. As the strawberry has the taste of a strawberry, so life has the taste of happiness; for one whom exerts his capacity to be happy by activity, the full enjoyment of one's capacities, the realization of oneself. Gardening, cooking, writing, painting, playing football: no matter the activity as long as you are in harmony with yourself. Marion Dubier-Clark realizes the feat of being fully happy in self-realization, and thus being the very medium of her photography, just as her photography is the medium of her “joie de vivre”.

Just as happiness is already there, and waits for one to be able to see it, the images of Marion Dubier-Clark already seem there, waiting for her to pass and record them. Because that is the case. The World has this beauty, but we are often blind to it. The places where these images can be realized, on holiday, relaxed, available, bathed in love, sunshine and warm waves, they appear in the photographer's lens, they are composed of daily life as they are composed by her view of them. It is in the enjoyment of realization, a full resonance of self with the world in a Platonic harmony, that these images seduce us. This exhibition is a veritable invitation to travel into the beauty of the real world, to take a few steps in an America that Gilles Mora has rightly called a great vernacular scene offered to the observer and which already belongs to us, just in the corner of our eyes. An invitation also to share, in just the quickest of glances, the experience of the joy of being a part of the World." - Carole Dolek