Galerie Sonia Zannettacci
Contemporary Art

Chiffres et lettres

This exhibition brings together almost all of the gallery’s artists around this theme.
From Alechinsky to Jan Voss, through Blumenfeld, Ferroud, Klasen, Monory, Fred Stein or Valdés with his tribute to Jasper Johns, all have, like their predecessors, been influenced by these signs that have been part of our everyday life for centuries; all have chosen to let a number or a letter appear in their drawings, photographs, sculptures, collages, or paintings.

Arthur Aeschbacher • Pierre Alechinsky • Alécio De Andrade • Arman • Erwin Blumenfeld • Mark Brusse • Erró Marc Ferroud • Horst Janssen • Peter Klasen • Kosta Alex • Marc Le Mené • Saul Leiter • Jacques Monory • Arnold Newman • Olivier O. Olivier • Bernard Rancillac • Alexandre Rodchenko • Yvan Salomone • Antonio Seguí • Fred Stein • Abram Topor • Roland Topor • Manolo Valdés • Jacques Villeglé • Jan Voss